Friday, May 14, 2010


Today is a great day! I feel like sharing my thoughts and appreciation of Angels in my life. These Angels has made a huge difference for me in my everyday journey, and has demonstrated support, encouragement, advice, love, positive gestures, and so much more.....that only an Angel can give me.

I am excited to be able to sit back and notice the beauty , and love that I receive from my Angels here on earth. They are strong and keep me strong, they are always there and never leave my side.

Also, my Angels are present, and they are an messenger from God! Angels include protecting and guiding human beings. Angels has qualities like wisdom and confidence and even gifts that I can't even mention all of the blessings that they give me. I love my Angels !!!

Thank God for Angels!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Family is like spring they mean everything to me.

My Family will always be there without a time to spare.

I love my family I hold them dear to my heart.

Family is the kind of people who cares alot about you.

Words cant express how much I love my Family.

May God Continue to bless us.... My Family!

Monica Loves the Art of Dance....

I constantly learn from my students, children love attention in class one of my students called me mommy. I was puzzled but; then I thought about it and... said well child, this is the first time a student has called me their mommy. I will just let that one live, and gave her a smile. She beamed with joy sometimes it is just good too allow a young child to have that moment just to imagine. I love the joy of teaching.